Exosome Therapeutics for Regenerative Applications



About ExTherea

ExTherea is a biotechnology company founded in Kanagawa, Japan. We are investigating exosomes - nano-sized particles which are released by cells - and their use in regenerative medicine.


Specifically, we are studying exosomes derived from oral mucosa - one of the tissues in the human body with the highest capacity of regeneration. The underlying research was performed at Karolinska Institutet and Tokyo Women's Medical University.



2020-02 ExTherea laboratory in Shonan iPark officially opened.

2019-12 ExTherea was featured in Nikkei Biotech - one of Japan's biggest journal specializing on biotechnology (link)

2019-11 ExTherea Inc. was registered in Kanagawa prefecture, Japan.



  • 2019-04 Sebastian Sjoqvist (co-founder and CSO of ExTherea) was selected for Young Investigator Award by International Society for Extracellular Vesicles

  • 2019-03 ExTherea was one of finalist in Blockbuster TOKYO accelerator program.

  • 2019-02 ExTherea received first funding from the Blockbuster TOKYO program.

  • 2018-08 ExTherea was finalist in Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society World Congress' Business Plan Competition





We can assist your company or research team with exosome related research, at very competitive prices.

  • Consultation of study design

  • Exosome isolation and characterization

  • Proteomic analysis





Please contact us using the chat-system on the lower right corner of the screen or by sending an email to info@extherea.com.






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